A4-d-Able is a project about people and the urban environment.

And how do we think about the places we live in, and imagine theirs (and ours) future.

How can we visualize the future of affordable urbanism? Right to the city? Affordable housing? Public space?

This project offers a (virtual) space for all to share their ideas of what the future of urban environment should look like.

We invite you to take an A4-sized blank page, and on it, create, in any form, your visual interpretation of the future of affordable urbanism.

We hope the visual imaginary that will be collected will be a trove of visions that can be discussed and analyzed to help provide new alternatives to the current typologies, overcoming the representational limits set by the existing system, and help think of new forms of visual and spatial practices.

Please join us and submit your vision…

Affordable urbanism by Ronen Kinari

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