About A4dable

A4dable is a research project that provide a platform for exploring new modes of representations for the future of urban space.

Talking about the future of urban space, we speak of the importance of public space, affordability, and the ‘right to the city’. Yet, the unpacking of these large themes, and trying to imagine what they look like is dominated by representational limits set by power holders in the existing system.

A4-d-Able, thus aim to explore these limits and the existence of possible alternatives, by moving beyond general typologies and abstractions in the search of particularities and new forms of visual and spatial practices.

To achieve this ambitious target we are invite everybody to take an A4-sized blank page, and on it, create, in any form, their interpretation of affordable urbanism. displaying the result on our website, we hope we can create a forum to discuss new ideas, modes of representations, and social activity. 

Furthermore, we plan to organize moving exhibitions of the projects findings that can easily be produced and move around, as part of the project ongoing commitment to affordability in both production of its artifacts and engagement with its subject matter.